“LIFE”, a constant state of adjustment from beginning to end……

It starts from mother’s womb; we adjust in an area of approx. 7.6 cm sac…an exciting adjustment to see the world!

Birth, a drastic adjustments to a world that is colder, brighter, and louder, and will experience hunger, thirst, sleep, nappy clothes, by all means crying is the only gesture we can express…….we learn to adjust with tearful eyes, if our abraded clothes are referred to hunger and food is constantly injected on every howl….It’s an innocent adjustment!!


School,  is a degree of adjustment achieved historically by every student in terms of teachers; sharing study desk, overcrowded classrooms, complex subjects, grade battles….adjustment is the key!

Higher studies itself pack career confusion, higher goals, higher expense, and lower grades…..leads to adjustment for success.

Job leads to compressing environment, less sleep, compromised salaries, strict boss, and higher life expense ….squat for adjustment…No choice, an responsible adjustment!!

Business favors to less family time, complaining customers, competing contenders, yearly budget….. We make adjustments to root the success, to fulfill all the expectations of our family members…. a Confident adjustment!!

Marriage, always starts with perky pictures moving to jumbo adjustments of sharing room, closet, always going together, always holding hands, always shopping for your partner, can’t miss birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, accept the differences, What’s mine is yours honey attitude, Complement each other……apart from all the adjustments you make, it brings smile on your face, a sense of laze, a feel of you can rely on someone till you die……  A brave and heroic adjustment!!

Old age delivers weakness, diseases; decreasing ability to manage day to day life, balancing with generation gaps … It takes loads of adjustment with thankful heart for a lovely journey we vexed….  a respectful and experienced adjustment!!

Death conveys the beginning of new life for our-self and for our loved ones. We adjust in whatever form our body is cremated, yet grateful to meet almighty…..It’s the beginning of new Adjustment!!


Ravage: Art or Artist

Creativity yields courage. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.  It contrives as a communicating vehicle which relinquishes awareness in the community. Authors’ emotional power and imaginative skills together hatches a strapping reality. Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, India, China , Maya; each of these centers of early civilizations developed a unique and characteristic style of art in form of sculptures,  cave paintings, petroglyphs and many more which later travails to canvas painting, Rust painting, calligraphy, architecture and many multitudinous sub derivatives. Queen India, a heritage of art, contemplated in its modern and traditional forms vestige its footsteps since early 3rd millennium BC.  Primeval Indian paintings were spotted on the Bhimbetka rock shelters aged approximately 30,000 years old.

Portrait Miniature art, one of the genealogy of Indian Painting focuses on tiny fractions, chattels a long history that dates back to the scribes of the medieval ages. Many hidden unique art leaves a question on our minds: What is more significant, Art or Artist?

Miniature Painting of Indian Folk Women by Kasturi.Patel (2000) 

One of such Miniature art painting depicted in year 2000 by Kasturi.P.Patel, an Indian artist and a Commercial art graduate (1985) relinquish an archetype of transparency. She is one of the elegantly expounded artists who purse’s her career in paintings, decorative art, wax art as well as fashion designing. Her credence of spreading knowledge of art to help bring colors in one’s life modeled her to teach professionally in schools and tutoring. Despite of her extraordinary talent, she belongs to one of those hidden jewels of India where her art is secretly touching hearts without a limelight.

This Master pieces sketched by the handmade paint brush dispense the flawless glance of the composition. This petite squaw is a procreation of line by line formula. Transparency of that Indian fall bandwagon the overlapping glamour and curve of the chiffer. A sharp-edged eyes imparting a remarkable histrionic look clinches the powerful element to magnetize sparkling emotions. Facial gestures bring a blushing leer on this sultana revealing some legendary story behind her.


image6 (1)

The essence of all the beautiful art persist in an artists imagination power and their admirers.

Energy: Truth or Illusion

Energy conquers everything, it’s a vigorous execution. It prevails in various inter-convertible forms, and yet can’t be created or destroyed. Life is always described as positive or negative energy in common language. This is fundamental thermodynamics to the universe, whether living or non-living needs intensity to stratagem. Our body, mind and emotions circulate in some skeleton of physical and emotional energy. Emotions usually reflects truth, as it is an intense feeling generated via collision of different energies such as pain, sadness, happiness, expectations and many more embarking an illusion which cannot be true. Conquering the truth over illusion will better lead the positive energy flow in your system, resulting in the life you want. It’s always us who invites the kind of energy to dribble is our zest cultivating it to be virtuous or unvirtuous.


Illusions routinely score over truth in many aspects, spanning truth to defeat. You have the capacity to invite the truth into your system and replace illusion. Your emotional strength endures as powerful as your physical strength. Example: If you need to move the table to your room you plank all your physical energy to place it where you wish. Similarly, your emotional energy has that strength to pull firms into your system as you wish replacing all the illusions. To checkmate illusion over truth, it’s important you use your energy in the equitable way.


Arizona, A Solitary Glamour.

This Desert of cactus, famous for its sizzling febricity holds its modern singularity in the southwest ridge of United States. This land of Extremes is a young and daring celebrity who has successfully dazzled the world for its marvelous variety of scenic features, beauty, humor, heat, and eccentricity. This empire of rocky gorge achieved its statehood on February 14, 1912 manifest as the 6th largest and the 48th state of America. I am not a desert admire  though  I was perplex by the intense makeup of this cacti valley and its humorous pomp. I can only describe Arizona in one word as ….HOT ! It says all.

Horseshoe Bend:


Horseshoe-shaped gallivant of the Colorado river located near the town of Page, Arizona.

Grand Canyon Valley:

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Grand Canyon is about 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile (6,093 feet or 1,857 meters). Nearly two billion years of Earth’s geological history have been exposed as Colorado river makes it own channel through its layers.

Arizona Rainbow Tornado’s:

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In 2004, storm chaser Eric Nguyen captured the way a rainbow actually appears during a tornado.

Arizona Cloud Mysteries:

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Clouds running at the lower level on the skyline forms a fantastical  carcass from golden pink to grey to clear visible images forming on the road side.

Arizona cactus Valley: Saguaro

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Saguaros have a relatively long lifespan. They grow their first side arm any time from 75–100 years of age.They can be 200 years old. A saguaro without arms is called a spear. They usually are 13.8 meters (45.3 ft) tall with a girth of 3.1 meters (10 ft). These cacti can grow anywhere from 15 to 50 feet.

Tourist in Arizona:


Tourists are more induce by the cactus valley due to its fame around the world. It can sometimes give a memorable dent if your gestures are unbounded ..!!!!

Hoover Dam:

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A concrete arc gravity Damn on the brink of Nevada and Arizona states constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression by President Franklin Roosevelt. This Boulder Dam provide power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona, and California also assisting major tourist attraction. Its Volume is nearly 3,250,000 cu yd (2,480,000 m3) which is controlled by 2 spillway panel.

Heap of Arizona: 

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The highest point in Arizona at 12,633 feet (3,851 m), is located about 10 miles (16 km) north of Flagstaff in Kachina Peaks, Wilderness. People often travel in summers to enjoy the pleasant weather. Winters flash graceful snow showers fashioning glamour across valley.

Major cities of Arizona :


High goes to 117 °F  and lucky low goes to 115 °F in summers :)’

Phoenix, Arizona Real summer:

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Summer feels like an ocean air where hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer and night gets shorter…..:)

Arizona Summer Dust storm:

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The dust storm proceeding through the Phoenix area , greatly reducing visibility and  the temperature sometimes drop by nearly 15 °F.

Arizona is one of only two U.S. states that do not scrutinize Daylight Saving Time. The one exception is the area occupied by the Navajo Nation in the northeast region of the state.Plan a trip to feel the extreme, an unusual experience that can only be felt here !!! You can bake your cookies outside, as well cook sizzling eggs on streets!!  Such uniqueness will blow your mind off !! Arizona’s diverse climate and geography can yield both the highest and lowest temperatures in the country within the same day.







Demonetization: New Indian Sunrise

A power-pack move by the legend Mr. Narendra Modi, One man army who changed the vision of the country. The only person in one billion populations who visualize the dream of fortuitous India and clench the moxie to fulfill it. From where I see and approx. 95% of Indians feel, he is not only Prime minister of the country indeed a real Indian leader who rules the heart of the people. His fame reaches around the globe, spreading voice of loyalty and dedication. May 26, 2014 he procure towards eradicating rotten roots tangled into more than 20 problems India facing today. Trifling issues as, Tax regulations, crime and theft, corruption, black money, National security,  Industrial sickness, speculative banking, Arms manufacturing and trade, Agricultural development and many more are utmost significant for him. Working 18 hours a day this chai wala, proved himself on top of his dedication to cultivate India in sparkling manner.  However, many political singletons questioning him on his work and dedication blaming his trips abroad should be aware of his exertion. A glimpse of his work (only 5%), which never happened in 60 years of independence will provoke our minds.


  1. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ( Clean India Protest)- One of the filth problem of India , which was grounded personally by him carried by millions of people including sportsmen, celebrities, media and business firms.
  2. Inception of NITI Aayog to replace planning commission-On 1 Jan 2015, Modi formed National Institution of Transforming India (NITI) Aayog, which is a policy think-tank of Government of India that replaced Planning Commission and aims to involve the states in economic policy-making in India. The panel was abolished along with GOMs and EGOMs which caused policy paralysis under UPA rule.
  3. Jan Dhan Yojana- 15 August 2014 Jan Dhan Yojana was divulged; over 15 crore bank accounts were opened in one year period.
  4. Foreign policies accelerated- improving relations with neighboring countries getting world to invest in India. Resulting urged Airbus, the aerospace giant, to explore manufacturing opportunities in India.
  5. Campaign for building Toilets-huge project to construct 10 crore toilets by 2019, out of which 90 lakh have been built.

November 08, 2016 at 8:00 pm our honorable Prime minister announced the demonetization of Rs. 500-Rs. 1000 notes after 12:00 am midnight which shook the whole nation. The gap of 4 hours and declaring a governmental closer on 9th of November proved to be a crafty maneuver. A very keen move by PM prohibited the larger corrupt money to slide out of the system in one stroke. An organized syndicate pumping fake currency  into the capital was perforate.  Heaps of sophisticated weapons in the country through neighboring sources were a major execution conducted by Black money, at once destitute due to this act. Defaulters of all kind of taxes are clearing their dues. Prevalent business men declaring their black money, paying the advance taxes array their footings. According to state bank 3.5 lakh crore money, already deposited in the bank. Despite of 50 day window to exchange and declare any legal or illegal funds, Mr Modi and finance Minister Arun Jaitely implemented 72 hour criterion, where government hospitals, Petrol pumps, crematorium and cemeteries, railways and airports were avow to accept Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes for the convenience of citizens. Modernistic Rs.500 and Rs.2,000 notes introduced in the system, symbolizing new sunrise to Indian era. Mr. Modi  followed the footsteps of  Gujarati combatant- Morarji Desai- who had ventured a similar discipline in 1978 eradicating 5,000 and 10,000 rupees notes from the system overnight.

However, Rahul Ghandhi mamta Banerji, sitaram Yenchury, Mulayam Singh, Akilesh Yadav and Arvind Kerjiwal finds it to be a substandard decision. Their allegation of people suffering and dying in long queues, lack of currency circulation and loss in business period seems to be a very untenable excuses to smuggle their political career as well as their 60 years mysterious treasure. I request them to give one corrective step asserted by them towards the eradication of black money, terror funding’s, fake imprints of our currency or any basic initiative for clean and methodical India. Why was Mumbai terror attacks taken lightly? No further investigations were toted, concerning the funding of violent operations successfully stroked at the innocent.  Additional, late incendiary Kasab was luxuriously nursed for 4 years. If they are talking about inconvenience to people in queue, why were they not concerned over 60 years of period for the same poor or middle class bodies for their young essentials? I could completely understand their aggression as they strayed their power of black currency along with their potential of buying votes.

If it is so difficult for you to change the notes, imagine how difficult it would be for PM to change the country. Thanking divine beings Mr. Anna Hazare, Nitish Kumar, K M Vani, Virendra Shewag, Amitabh Bachchan including entire film-dome and the youth of the country for their revolutionary fulcrum. If Mr. Modi fails in his fight against corruption and black money today, India will never see a modish sunrise for next 100 years and the rackets of corruptions will crucifies our heritage. I appeal to stand in support of PM Mr. Modi and fail the injurious design of rotten people to incite violence and create anarchy. If we backslide our duties today, our children and grandchildren will hold us responsible for not furnishing a immaculate India for them.

“Country is Looking forward to a constructive change, Start-up India and Stand-up India”                      -Mr. Narendra Modi.


Taj Mahal, The Mystic Mausoleum.

Taj, the Name itself portage a Hidden Secret. This immense seven storey, Mughal-Style mausoleum of white marble, built in Agra in 17th Century by order of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his beloved Wife Mumtaz Begam known as Mumtaz Mahal.

  • The real name of eminent Mumtaz Begam was Mumtaz-ul-Zamani.
  • Name of the monument originated from sterling signature Mumtaz (ending with Taz). It resulted in Taj and Taz (Urdu) meaning Crown. Mahal meaning Palace. Thus appellated as TAJ MAHAL. However, ‘Taj’ and’ Mahal’ are of Sanskrit origin. Moreover, if the Taj is believed to be a burial place, the term Mahal (Palace) does prelate.
  • Shahjahan’s endemic court chronicle, the Badshahnama, admits (page 403, vol 1) that a grand mansion of unique splendor spread over 42 acres, capped with a dome (Imaarat-a-Alishan wa Gumbaze) was fond from the Jaipur Maharaja Jaisigh ( A Hindu Emperor) for Mumtaz’s burial, and the building was known as Raja Mansingh’s palace.


Taj Mahal


Raja Mansingh’s Palace 

  • The tradition of removing shoes before climbing the marble platform originates from pre Shahjahan times. Muslim, Hindu and many other Culture follows the tradition of removing shoes before entering Mosques and Temples, in veneration of almighty, to honor a clean prayer. However, Taj originated as a burial tomb , shoes need not have to be removed because shoes are a necessity in a cemetery.
  • Four Minarets, 130-foot-tall spires standing at the brim of the Taj Mahal  was not an artistic choice but a strategic one. In the 17th century, it was hardly uncommon for massive architectural ventures to fall victim to their own weight. If they were truly vertical they would seem to be leaning inwards. Moreover, leaning away from each other creates a 3D effect and protects the monolith from an earthquake, effecting force collapse the minarets outwards sparing the Taj and its mighty dome.



  • This epitome was designed by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. The material was shoulder in from all over India and central Asia and abduct a fleet of 1000 elephants to transport carnal to the site. Red sandstone was consort from Fatehpur Sikri, white marble from quarries of Makrana Rajasthan, Jasper from Punjab, Jade and Crystal from China, Turquoise from Tibet, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire from Sri Lanka, Coal & Comelian from Arabia and Diamonds from Panna. In all 28 kind of rare, semi-precious and precious stones were used for procreation of this astounding cenotaph.
  • Despite of sheer grubwork to compose this masterstroke, ceiling of the mighty dome carries a secret hole perpendicularly above the tombstone of Mumtaz Mahal, stabbed by an artisans who decided to sabtage Shah Jahan’s dream of creating a masterpiece after he came to know about his decision to amputate all the work artisans arms. Thus, entitled the wonder of the world, Taj yet not flawless.
  • Shah Jahan spent about 32 million rupees during the years 1632-1653 on this humongous architectural venture. Today that amount would be close to 1,062,834,098 USD.
  • Taj’s foundation is impelled of timber wood grimed deep into Yamuna River to foothold the world’s immense tombstone. Wooden pillars droop overtime and crumble owing to rot and ruin. The mausoleum is built on layers of dense wood which needs moisture to retain their structural cohesion. The drying of the river, raises serious concerns about the condition of the wooden supports .However, Yamuna provide moisture to the wooden foundation of the Taj Mahal.



When Incredible is at Your feet ….

World is divided into two types of people: One who believe in Incredible and others who believe in Credible.  Reality lies in believing in yourself, take every moment of your life as an opportunity to live. When I hear someone respire “Life is Hard”, I tempt to ask “Compared to what?” Have courage to accept that is not perfect- as nothing is perfect, not will be. Life is not about finding yourself-You already exist, It’s about creating yourself. Get out of your comfort zone to explore beautiful world around you. Moreover, you only live once-live in a way that “Once is enough”.


Diversity: An art of thinking independently. Shows us different cultures, colors, People, Places, hopes, faith, love and much more. All above-revolting, struggle, pain, sacrifice, sorrow, ego, hatred and much more. Places teaches you many things, they stand still holding their natural beauty and entertaining everyone who comes across. Incredible Places resides in heart of India, immersing various cultures, festivals, colors, religions, food and traditions. Travel gives you more vibrant experience to live life. Consent all your sorrow behind and explore till the end. I think every person, every moment and every place is unique in its own way, there cannot be another one like that-cherish it!!

These are 10 most Unique things you can only do in India, not abroad:

  1. Cross a busy Road
  2. Know Multi Languages
  3. Bargain Shamelessly with ease
  4. Eat Street side Spicy Food
  5. Know the Joy of eating with hands
  6. Have The Worlds maximum number of Festivals and Public holidays in a year.
  7. Keeping clothes for centuries and reusing them for cleaning.
  8. Land up at each other’s houses without appointment.
  9. Have names with deep Meaning.
  10. Watch Cricket as a World War.